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5 reasons to hire a refugee for your next position

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5 reasons to hire a refugee for your next position


1. Tap into a pool of hidden talent

Refugees are often highly qualified in specific fields. A study by the Nuffield foundation shows that  45% of refugees in the UK already had a qualification before arriving. Many are doctors, lawyers, technicians, and engineers, who have made enough money at home to attempt the perilous journey to Europe.

In Germany, many employers seem to have caught onto this, and are hiring qualified, driven refugees at pace. Daniel Kok, who owns a small flooring company in Dortmund, hired 31-year-old Eritrean, Abraha, as an apprentice. He has this to say:

“I didn’t hire Abraha out of starry-eyed-idealism but because he is qualified, enthusiastic and eager to work,” said Kok, who said he had had countless unsatisfactory trainees.

2. Refugees have lower turnover and higher retention rates.

As the first employer that a refugee works for in the U.K., you have an unparalleled opportunity to invest in an ambitious employee that will do well by you. If you give them the tools they need to succeed, they will show loyalty for years to come. Often fleeing war or persecution, refugees are seeking stability, so are less likely to jump from job to job.

3. A diverse workplace fosters innovation

Innovation is most often borne from the mixing of ideas and opinions. The more diverse a workforce, the more varied these points of view, backgrounds, and experiences become. By pulling together the best from everyone, creative ideas are allowed a place to not only be conceived, but also executed.

4. Increase productivity

Refugees are indisputably hard workers and fast learners. With the drive of needing to start a new life in a new country, many will work extremely hard to earn the money which will allow them to settle. A workforce that is happy and respects their work environment inevitably is more productive.

5. Your chance to build a socially responsible business

By hiring a refugee, you are empowering them to earn a living and contribute to business and society. Investing in the future of refugees not only gives them a platform to work, but often they are the first to give back.

Being a socially responsible company is not only the right thing to do on moral grounds, but can reap rewards in the form of positive publicity and brand image.



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