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3 facts you didn’t know about refugees

3 facts you didn’t know about refugees

Rita Ora

1. It has been estimated that Ugandan Asian refugees have created 30,000 jobs since the 1970s.[1]

Far from the widespread fear that refugees and migrants will take jobs from British citizens, often their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work does the opposite. Refugees have positively impacted the economy substantially through the creation of jobs and their innovative ideas. In Britain, migrants are nearly twice as likely as locals to start a business and Sergey Brin, who arrived in the US as a child refugee from the Soviet Union, co-founded Google.[2]


2. About 1,200 medically qualified refugees are recorded on the British Medical Association’s database.[3]

Many refugees that come to the UK possess skills and qualifications that can contribute to society and need to be utilised. The misconception that they lack skills and education needs to be overhauled.  It costs an average of £294,000 to train a new health professional in the UK – the same cost that it would take for 10-12 Refugee Health Professionals to be retrained to practice in the UK each year.[4] Moreover, they can help fill the gap in the shortage of doctors. The agency UK NARIC can assess how overseas qualifications compare to those in the UK for any employers concerned about their equivalency. [5]

3. The Voice star Rita Ora was a refugee – her family came over from Kosovo when she was one during the persecutions of Albanian in her home country.

Refugees have made a massive cultural and social contribution in the UK as well as economic.

Their cultures, traditions and cuisines can benefit society both within the workplace and out as their diverse perspectives and experiences can inspire creativity and problem solving.

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